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Residential buildings

Apartment buildings, cottages, country houses, garages

Engineering systems and networks

Internal and external networks

Industrial facilities

Production facilities, storage facilities, boiler houses, pump stations , etc.

Public buildings

Offices, shops, etc.

About company

  • The company was founded in 2005, the company's assets include over 100 completed, under construction and developed projects in the field of civil and industrial real estate.
  • AsiArt LLP is a wide range of activities that determines the reliability of the developer and his ability to strictly adhere to the schedule of work.


The main capital of the company is the people working in it. Today AsiArt LLP is a tight-knit team of qualified and certified specialists capable of solving problems of any complexity. At the head of the company are people who have a high professional level and have significant management experience, which ensures a stable existence and development of the company.
Zhaylanov Askart Zhomartovich
Chief Project Engineer Assistant
Kashin Vladimir Gennadievich
Design manager
Balanov Sergey Aleksandrovich
RCC Discipline Design Engineer
Almazova Olga Vladimirovna
Dutchak Aleksandra Yurievna
General Plans Discipline Design Engineer
Kogabayeva Aynur Askarovna
Architect Assistant
Kichatova Olesya Vladimirovna
Architect Assistant
Zubenko Yuriy Vladimirovich
Andryuschenko Alyona Igorevna
Architect Assistant
Lymareva Larisa Viktorovna
Heating and Ventilating Discipline Design Engineer
Zarubina Nataliya Yurievna
Heating and Ventilating Discipline Design Engineer
Gorlov Maksim Viktorovich
Chief Project Engineer
Pavlenko Nikolay Nikolaevich
Head of the Engineering and Design Department
Nurgazinova Mayra Muratovna
Specialist Assistant
Mihaylov Nikita Pavlovich
Geodetic Surveyor
Bortoschak Ivan Vyacheslavovich
Engineering Survey Specialist
Priymak Pavel Vladimirovich
Engineering Survey Specialist
Shushmarkin Aleksandr Alekseevich
Engineering Survey Specialist
Pastuhov Aleksey Vladimirovich
Chief Engeneer
Baikova Tatiana Alexandrovna
HR Manager
Omarova Asel Manarbekovna
Director Assistant
Imiyaminova Alfiya Yakovlevna
IPM Manager
Annikova Evgeniya Eduardovna
Engineer of the Production and Technical Department
Aitzhanov Dias Bazartaevich
Design Engineer of the Electrotechnical Department
Demiyanetc Oleg Nicolaevich
Chief Project Engineer
Muhamedina Malika Elikovna
Design Engineer of the Electrotechnical Department
Margaskin Denis Rinatovich
PS Discipline Design Engineer
Savchishin Andrey Egorovich
Design Engineer
Galkin Vadim Dmitrievich
Design Engineer
Bilibin Nikolai Sergeevich
Kuzekov Mereke Naumovich
Artemyev Evgeny Aleksandrovich
Muratova Natalya Vladimirovna
Accountant materialist
Alexanina Lubov Igorevna
Accountant general
Lobanova Alyona Nikolaevna
PS Discipline Leading Engineer
Employee certificate
Lovyagin Alexey Stepanovich
Design Engineer
Employee certificate
Eliseeva Galina Alexandrovna
Chief Architect
Employee certificate
Aitpaev Muratbek Meyramovich
Head of the Engineering and Technology Department
Employee certificate
Kos Dmitriy Vasilyevich
Chief Project Engineer
Employee certificate
Pavlyuk Grigoriy Vasiliyevich
Chief Engineer
Ibragimov Ravil Vadimovich
Yanishevskiy Nikolay Alexeevich
General Director of group of companies

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